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Registration for Tigers tryouts is now closed.

For all questions, email us at

In the meantime, you can check out the Tigers FAQ on our website.



1) The Tigers will post all tryout related info on the Tigers website and on Facebook. The schedule will be subject to changes regularly. Please follow along daily as the situation is constantly evolving.

2) All players will be guaranteed the first three scheduled tryout sessions before any cuts are made. After the third session, the list of players continuing in the tryout process will be posted online on the Tigers website.

3) Tentative date for final teams will be announced later on in the process – however this date will be towards the end of the month of April.

4) Note that the season will start in May and run into September this year, please be prepared for the commitment.

5) The Tigers will do their utmost to provide a true AA experience to all players selected. The Tigers will be responsible in budget planning to reduce the season’s cost without sacrificing the experience. 

6) For any non-emergency questions, please email the Tigers (

7) Players that are still at 15U 'AAA' and 17U 'AAA' tryout camps are not required to attend Tigers 'AA' tryouts until they are cut. The choice to attend is yours.

8) If the player makes AAA, they will be refunded the Tigers tryout fee.


1) For any given reason, if your child will be missing a tryout session, please advise us by e-mailing us at

2) Any player who is sick is NOT allowed at tryouts. Players will NOT be penalized for declaring themselves as “sick” and missing a tryout. Please send us an email if this is the case.

3) The tryout schedule will have very short gaps between groups. We ask that players arrive at the complex only 15 minutes prior to their session. If you arrive earlier, please stay in your car.

4) Pinnies will be given out at all levels. Reminder that pinnie colors are distributed alphabetically, there is no special distinction between colors. 

5) There will be no sharing of water, bats, helmets, batting gloves, etc. during tryouts. Only use of personal equipment is permitted.

6) It is important to note that cleats are prohibited in the complexes and gyms. Please wear running shoes for the tryouts!

7) Gum and sunflower seeds are NOT allowed in the complexes and gyms!

*There are no refunds after the signup deadline has passed.

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